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Mr Hossien Khakbaz Mohseni Children

Mr Hossien Khakbaz Mohseni

  • Mr Hossien Khakbaz was the youngest Son of Mr Haji Aga Mohsen Araki

    Mr Hossien Khakbaz Mohseni Childeren

    Mr Hossien Kakhbaz Mohseni was the last and youngest son of Mr Haji Aga Mohsen Araki.Mr Hossien Khakbaz was only 10 years old as his father passed away

    from this reason he had very hard life ,but with his specific intelligence and hard work was the most successful son of his father.Mr Kakhbaz

    was elected for third period time to represents people of Arak in iranian parliament

    From Mrs Aniss ol Saltaneh Grand doughter of Mozafar oldin mirza the king of iran are

    1. Mr Aliakbar Kakhbaz Mohseni
    2. Mrs Tajagdas Kakhbaz Mohseni
    3. Mrs Minudokt Kakhbaz Mohseni
    4. Mrs Pourandokt Kakhbaz Mohseni
    5. Mrs Mehrandokt Kakhbaz Mohseni
    6. Mr Mohamd Kakhbaz Mohseni
    7. Mr Abolfalze Kakhbaz Mohseni
    8. Mr Hassan Kakhbaz Mohseni
    9. Mr Mohsen Kakhbaz Mohseni