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Mr Amin Pourmohsen Children

Mr Amin Pourmohsen

  • Mr Amin Pourmohsen was the ninth Son of Mr Haji Aga Mohsen Araki

    Mr Amin Pourmohsen was born in 1896 A.D and died 1971 A.D.

    He had tremendous interest in history and often spent his time studying the history books.

    There is not any book written by him about Mohseni Family, but he has left a great historical notes from Mohseni Family history

    Mr Amin Pourmohsen Children :

    Mr Amin Pourmohsen married two times ,first wife was Mrs Ashrafolsaltaneh,she died on cancer.after her dead Mr Amin Pourmohsen

    married Mrs Esmatoldoleh Mohajer Iyravani and also with Mrs Zahrasoltan as second wife

    From Mrs Ashrafolsaltaneh and Mrs Esmatoldoleh Mohajer Iyravani and from Mrs Zahrasoltan are
    1. Mrs Afkamolsadat Pourmohsen from Mrs Ashrafolsaltaneh
    2. Mr Giyasedin Pourmohsenfrom Mrs Ashrafolsaltaneh
    3. Mr Ziyaedin Pourmohsen from Mrs Zahrasoltan
    4. Mr Aliaschraf Pourmohsen from Mrs Esmatoldoleh
    5. Mrs Amineh Pourmohsen from Mrs Esmatoldoleh
    6. Mr Seyfedin Pourmohsen from Mrs Esmatoldoleh
    7. Mr Shahpour Pourmohsen from Mrs Esmatoldoleh
    8. Mr yahja Pourmohsen from Mrs Esmatoldoleh