Mohseni Family

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  • The Mohseni Family is one the bigest iranian family from city of Arak

    One of our affections is our attachment to the land we were born and raised,where we took our roots.

    The deeper this root,the more generations,and the family tree stronger and more fruitful,our love is deeper.

    To the degree that the later generations who have not been born there and in some instances have never even been there,

    have a certain pull towards their ancestral land.In some cases they start serching for their roots,because

    they hear so much from thier family member and elders.

    Our family generation which is in the threshold of old age has become displaced and scattered around the world,not at will

    but by circumstances beyond its control.The next generation that has joined us,is not immune eitherand all are attached to

    the homeland and specially Arak , the land of our ancestors.